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02, Nov
“Enlightened Obscurum” (You are left in the dark to grow.)

Discover “Enlightened Obscurum”, the new collection from Bansri Chavda. A collection that defies convention. An interplay of shadows and light. Work that beckons the viewer on a journey that is joyous, generous. A weave, an interplay of Depth and Light. 

“I want to prompt introspection. I want you to think!  I want you to look at things differently– to make space. A different perspective. Possibilities. Spot a swirl and a line in a material that is as old as the earth. See that?” (Bansri Chavda)


22-26, Mar
11HH+NAIF, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2023

11HH+NAIF, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2023




2022, 30 Nov
“HARMONIC REWILD” at SCOPE Miami Beach 2022

“HARMONIC REWILD” is an event taking place at Scope, Miami Beach 2022 for the Art Basel Week, curated by 11HH Art Gallery (Miami FL) for CANA Foundation (NY) with the purpose to drive awareness through art on our bond to mother earth.
Wild people sign it wild.
The title comes from the CANA Foundation’s “rewilding” mission merging with the “sonic” vision of Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal. The booth is a conceptual journey from the desertification of our planet to the beauty of nature. The central focus takes you to the “Sonic Branch” by Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal, a moment of introspection, truth and beauty. At the end, you can share the “wild” energy of your hand print on a letter to the President, asking to preserve our wild horses and lands.

“HARMONIC REWILD”, SCOPE Miami Beach 2022 is curated by 11HH Art Gallery (Miami FL) for CANA Foundation (NY), with the purpose to drive awareness through art on our bond to Mother Earth. Sculpture, Photograph, Videoart, Sonic Înstallation, plus NFT Showcase curated by MINTERSMARKET.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2022
Art Basel Week

Sonic Installation – REIMMORTAL Sculpture – PIETRO CAMPAGNOLI Photography – MALENA MAZZA Video – REIMMORTAL, CANA Foundation 
 Music – Danny Singh NFT – REIMMORTAL, curated by: MINTERSMARKET

Proudly brought to you by: 11HH Art Gallery

A project with a purpose.
With love to Mother Earth, and to all the wild hearts of this planet.


2022, Apr 11
New partnership with Art Money

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Art Money to make art more accessible, support artists and a sustainable creative economy. Art Money allows you to enjoy your artwork now and pay over time, whilst we pay our artists immediately.


2021, 21 Oct
Reimmortal for IDONEUS in Florence Biennale

Discover the Stargates by Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal as Special Feature for IDONEUS, at the FLORENCE BIENNALE 2021.

Firenze IT, Fortezza da Basso, October 23th to 31th 2021.

2021, 27 Mar
11HH Lab opens with Rafael Vargas-Bernard + Reimmortal

Performance: Rafael Vargas-Bernard + Reimmortal, 11HHLab March 27th 2021

11HH Lab officially opens its doors on Friday 27th March with an avantgarde music performance in the gallery. Rafael Vargas-Bernard will play modular sinth with 11HH Miami Showroom’s artistic Director Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal.
Born in 1979 in Puerto Rico, Rafael Vargas-Bernard is a visual artist, an experimental musician, and a performer within digital art and new media. In 2018 Vargas-Bernard moved to Miami where he co-directed the Mana Contemporary Miami 777 Mall art complex and community. Currently, he is the resident artist for the FilmGate Interactive Gallery.

Rafael is an expert in modular synthesis also known as “spaghetti sinth”, due to the characteristic tangle of colored cables connecting a series of assembled modules. These connections allow an almost infinite possibility to generate and modulate random sequences of sounds. Rafael uses this form of expressive freedom to investigate the potential effects of “noise” between chaos and order.

11HH Lab is every Friday night at 11HH Art Gallery.

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2020, Dec 21

We’re glad to announce CRYPTO EXPERT FOR THE ART MARKET.
The brand new 11HH department for expertise and brokerage in blockchain and cryptocurrency for the art market.

2020, 11 May
The Art of Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies have recently gained enormous popularity amongst the general public. With each passing day, more and more companies are radically accepting crypto currencies in their payment systems, paving way for an economic revolution. However, the average consumer’s understanding of what are also known as cryptocurrencies is limited.
It’s not my intention to deep dive into what a cryptocurrency is or how a blockchain works. There are many financial analysts for that. As an art dealer, the most relevant question for me is: what do cryptocurrencies have to do with the art world?

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2020, 31 Mar


ART FOR BREATH is a global live-streaming charity auction whose aim is purchasing respiratory devices for as many hospitals on the front line in the fight against coronavirus. Follow the live broadcast from the artist’s studio online every day and see the art work(s) from birth to conclusion.

The live stream from the artists’ studios will take place on YouTube Channel “Art4breath”.


2019, 16 Nov

After being awarded in 2018 as Best International Exhibitor in Red Dot Miami, this year 11HH Art Gallery will join the Miami Art Week in SCOPE from 03 to 08 December.
SCOPE is a critically acclaimed art shows that extend beyond the ordinary, and is the most renowned side event of Art Basel Miami. Celebrating its 19th edition, SCOPE Miami Beach returns to its bespoke pavilion on the sands of Ocean Drive.

In its 300 ft booth 11HH Art Gallery will be presenting “MEGAGONG”, the new concept of the Italian visual artist and sound designer Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal. This gigantic work (about 19 x 9 ft) follows and extends the series of the resonating Walls and engage the visitors in an experience which will involve in an emotional and personalized approach.

As a Special Guest, AIR ILLUSION will be presenting “LOVE SEAT”, an exclusive creation for SCOPE Miami Beach. Its an amazing sofa mirror polished; mahogany top with a clear finish.



Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal “MEGAGONG”
Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal acquired notoriety for his big conceptual installations showing an harmonic vision of vibrating sonic bodies. In 2017 he received the Patronage of CID – UNESCO in Paris. Marko exhibited in multiple prestigious Italian exhibitions, including Venice Biennale, Florence Biennale, and MACRO (Museo Arte Contemporanea Roma). In 2019 He opened his own showroom in Miami in 2200 Biscayne Blvd.

AirIllusion “LOVE SEAT”
AIR ILLUSION is a Design Manufacturing & Consulting Firm. They create custom aviation themed spaces and functional furniture from replica or vintage aircraft parts. Bob Verna, owner of AIR ILLUSION, started flying with a Top Flight Balsa Wood glider. That led to a Piper Cub, which led to a Piper Tri-Pacer and so on. Many flight hours later he diverted his flying time to preserving his passion. As a Master Cabinet Maker, Electrical Engineer, General Contractor, Inventor and with his Extensive Experience in Projects of Engineering and Design, he created a different means to continue his love of flying.

Join us in BOOTH H13

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2019, 31 Oct
“Stargate | WALLS”

“WALLS” is the new concept by Reimmortal. From the Art Basel Week (RED DOT MIAMI 2018) to MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art Roma) in 2019, now in 11HH Miami Showroom.


The starting point is an investigation on the infinite formal and chromatic possibilities offered by wall surfaces.
A wall becomes a field of dynamic forces where the multiplication of points of view takes place, up to the denial of the very sense of sight in the latest series MONO, DUO and STELLAR previewed in 2019 at MACRO (Museo Arte Contemporanea Roma).

These three-dimensional works lie between sculpture and installation. The backlight system is specifically conceived to create a peculiar ‘suction’ effect, the optical illusion of a perceptive void at the center of the vision.

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2019, 01 Apr


2019, 15 – 28 Apr

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2019, 01 Mar
Sergio Silvestrini group show is about to start! Come and find us in ‘Dissolvenze. Linguaggi e prospettive nella fotografia contemporanea’, 14th to 21th March. @ MICRO, Roma.


2019, 07 Feb
We welcome Pietro Campagnoli in 11HH family!

pietro campagnoli

Discover this stunning artist, whose ‘curse’ (as he says) of being affected by Asperger syndrome gifted him with one of the most sensitive and out-of-the-box talent of his generation.
artrooms seul

Pietro Campagnoli

2019, 011 Jan
Waiting for ‘Masters of Expressionism‘, the new exhibit in the renovated 11HH space in Roma, Via Giulia 103/A.

Expressionism is one of the main currents of art in the later 19th and the 20th cent. referring to a number of German artists, as well as Austrian, French, and Russian ones, who became active in the years before World War.
These exceptional masterpieces all come from a Swiss private collection, for the very first time in Italy.

From Mar, 23th to 30th


2018, 05 Dic
Open doors in Red Dot Miami 2018 for the Miami Art Week!
From 5th to 9th Dec, Mana Wynwood Miami FL, 11HH booth #507.

2018, 06 Nov

11HH is proud to present Walls, the new concept by Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal after the ‘Sonic Tree‘ series, concomitantly exposed in Venice, 16. Biennale Architettura 2018.

muro a

Wall #1 ‘P.O.V. Point of View’. Rome, IT. 2018


2018, 12 Oct

Two conceptual artists. A live performance. A point of view: yours.
This is ‘P.O.V.’ [Point of Views], the new exhibition in 11HH Art Gallery.


P.O.V. [Point of Views] is a Selection of works by Sergio Silvestrini and Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal, whose installation will be realized on-site in the gallery during the opening of the show. The artwork will be one of his ‘Walls‘, the new concept by Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal after the ‘Sonic Tree‘ series, concomitantly exposed in Venice, 16. Biennale Architettura 2018.
His live performance will take place on the Opening day, 06 October, from 11:00 a.m. till dusk.

Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal is a visual artist, performer, sound designer. Here exceptionally coinciding with his participation at 16th Biennale Architettura in Venice.

Sergio Silvestrini is a photographer and conceptual artist. He plays with reality and duplicates of reality, further duplicated by photographic representation.

See it on Artsy

IMG_3541 SAD2

Opening Time: Tue to Sat 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Vernissage: 06 October * LIVE PERFORMANCE from 11:00 a.m. *

2018, 12 Sep

Mario Pucciarelli | Renato Barisani | Luigi Spazzapan | Antonio Corpora
Special guest: Laura Soprani

A rare collection. The gratest historical masters of informal abstractism in Italy after the second world war, in dialogue with a contemporary special guest.

See it on Artsy

Pucciarelli x026

M. Pucciarelli, ‘N-Persona’. Oil on canvas, 162×130 cm

Opening Time: Tue to Sat 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Vernissage: 01 Sept h.7:00 p.m.

2018, 17 Jul

Finissage event: ‘Decoratori dell’agonia’ inside ‘Simbolismo intimo (Intimate Symbolism)’.


11HH is celebrating the finissage of ‘Simbolismo intimo (Intimate symbolism)’ with a literary reading. We’re delighted to present the book: ‘Decoratori dell’Agonia’, in collaboration with Edizione del Giano, within the seminar ‘Il simbolismo oggi: crisi a confronto’. Curated by Antonio Marvasi, director of the critic magazine ‘L’Opinabile’.

2018, 03 May

Online Exclusive – The original photos from ‘#NO(F)EARTHQUAKE’, a collateral event of BIENNALE DI VENEZIA.

See the original photographs the artist Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal took on April, 2018 in the ancient village of Amatrice (Italy) almost entirely ruined by an earthquake in 2016.


These pictures were made as a preparatory study of the installation Operazione Dimmi Amatrice’ which is the iconic symbol of ‘Borghi of Italy – #NO(F)EARTHQUAKE’, a collateral event of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – BIENNALE DI VENEZIA. One of them is the front cover of the official catalog. The installation is being exposed in Venice, ‘Giardini della Biennale’, from 26th may to 25th November 2018, while the preparatory photographs are proposed on exclusive sale for Artsy concomitantly with Biennale in the same range of dates.

The structures shaped as question marks are the emblem of Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal’s new cycle of artworks starting from ‘Foresta Dimmi (TellMe Forest)’, a site-specific installation for the Venetian Church of Misericordia in November 2017 during Biennale finissage week. The copper question marks (‘Dimmies’ or ‘TellMes’ in English) are the urgency of an incessant question about the “why-of-things”, or the reason why all things made by man fatally share the same destiny of obsolescence and oblivion.

EACH PHOTOGRAPH IS A UNIQUE WORK: the artist will print it as a one and only chromogenic print. No other prints will be ever released or authorized by the artist. (*)

Partnered with:

2018, 09 Apr

Artists say “NHO” to child abuse.
A remote village in India is starting the change.

92d7781a-6cc1-4044-8b51-05209d99b123-original - Copia

“NHO To Child Abuse” is a Global Art Campaign founded by two contemporary artists, ROMANHO and Bansri Chavda, in order to create awareness about sensitives issues concerning childhood in the most disadvantaged countries.

11HH Art Gallery is proud to support the project.


Learn more | Scopri di più

2018, 16 Mar

What is Trance-Sonic Painting (TSP)?

Che cos’è la Pittura Trance-Sonica (TSP)?

TSP Trance-Sonic Painting is a performance in which, driven solely by sound, the artist becomes a medium able to make visible on canvas the sensations aroused by sonic vibrations.

A sound oscillation (a certain type of waveform) induces a hypnotic trance similar to that provoked by mantras. In this state of consciousness the artist transposes the sound to the bidimensionality of the canvas, from which a series of definite images and signs begin to emerge.

TSP Trance-Sonic Painting is created by Marko Guglielmi Reimmortal.
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