“Enlightened Obscurum” (You are left in the dark to grow.)

Enlightenment: understanding slowly emerging from chaos, from obscurity.

“I want to prompt introspection. I want you to think!  I want you to look at things differently– to make space. A different perspective. Possibilities. Spot a swirl and a line in a material that is as old as the earth. See that?” (Bansri Chavda)


Inspired by philosophy. 
The “Enlighted Obscurum” collection is about the eternal dance of existence. It has drawn inspiration from the Vedas and Tao, from cosmos and from all humanity’s deep roots, from the  depths of the earth to the vast Universe.

Inspired by the material. 
Graphite Ceramics offers a wide spectrum of diverse, customizable textures and features: texture, porosity, tactile strength, ruggedness. 
Look closely at  luxurious Italian marble, and you may just see a possible play of figures, of swirling, moving  lines and shapes, hinting at its origins deep under our earth: the turmoil and churn that created the Universe. The eternal dance of Dark and Light. 

A collection that defies convention. An interplay of shadows and light. Work that beckons the viewer on a journey that is joyous, generous. A weave, an interplay of Depth and Light. 

  • Antim Bindu
  • OM
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