The aim of this NFT project is to compose your own Resonant Horse in a shortlist of 40 NFTs created by Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal.

There are ten horses, each divided into two NFTs (back and head). Each NFT is numbered and colored in one of the four main colours.

How to compose your Resonant Horse.

You just refer to the indices below the image to pick-up an NFT for the back, and combine it with an NFT for the head. Here you have your own Resonant Horse.

Unleash your imagination.

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Luis E. Toledo

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Born in Santa Clara in Cuba in 1989, Luis E. Toledo‘ work opens a door to a dreamlike magical world, where he creates a parallel universe, a personal reflection of reality. The characters living there emerge from a personal unconscious state, converging in this esoteric world where they have conflicts, express their different ideas in their own language, have traditions and goals; all based on their individual essence. “Not satisfied by the world we live in, I create a surreal refuge that helps me face everyday life…For me, every piece is a representation of a living memory. I remove organic and physical presences from my world and transfer them into this magical place as a creative recourse”.

“Illuminada 2”. Gold 23 carats, silver, oil on wood panel, 20 x 24 in.

Luis believes that the influence received during childhood and throughout the years is relevant for one’s personal growth. As a child, he saw his father study the great artists from the Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque among others. At the same time, his imagination expanded seeing his mother giving life to characters from short stories and comic books. As an actress performing in children’s theaters, her ability to communicate through puppets and marionettes foster Luis’ need to find spaces beyond reality. His grandmother’s children’s stories also influenced him; in them, we often held the leading roles. The series “A dream within a dream” births these characters by connecting ideas from the artist’s imagination with their own thoughts and desires.

Atrapando un sueño“. Oil on canvas, 36×24 in.



“Lucky 13”, Miami, EEUU
“5 years in Heaven”, New York, EEUU
Opening in Natchez, EEUU
“Midnight in the Garden of God and Evil”


“No method to our madness” , Miami, EEUU
“Idols of the Tribe”, Miami EEUU.
Hotel Colonnade, Coral Gables, EEUU
“Hallucinations” Miami, EEUU
“Escorpio 1969” Miami, EEUU
Los Angeles, California, EEUU


“Return to Order” , Miami EEUU


Los Angeles, California EEUU
“Sueños Lúcidos”, Posada del Tepozteco, Tepotzlan,Mx.
“Context” New York
“Visual Therapy”, Miami EEUU
COCO Art Gallery, Miami EEUU
The Frank C. Ortis Gallery, Pembroke Pines, EEUU
Context, Art Basel, Miami EEUU


“Spectrum”, Miami, EEUU
“ART New York”
“Magical Tranquility”, Miami, EEUU.
”Technique Art Fair” at Shelborne Hotel, Miami EEUU
“Art Basel” , Miami EEUU


“ART New York”
“ART Santa Fe” EEUU


“Hotel Occidental Miramar “Ciudad Habana, Cuba
“ART New York” EEUU
San Diego, California, Miami, EE UU
“Spectrum”, Miami, EEUU


“Hotel Quinta Avenida” Ciudad Habana, Cuba


“Hotel Presidente” Ciudad Habana, Cuba
“Hotel Occidental” Ciudad Habana, Cuba


Participación en la 11 Bienal de La Habana. Ciudad Habana, Cuba


Salón Provincial de Arte. Galería Provincial de Artes Plásticas Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
“Viaje a la Semilla”. Galería Provincial de Arte. Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
Galería “Tacones Lejanos” Mejunje Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
Galería “Pórtico”, Asociación Hermanos Sainz. Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba


Salón de Estudiantes de la Escuela de Instructores de Arte “Manuel Ascunce Domenech”. Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
Galería Provincial de Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba


Salón de Estudiantes de la Escuela de Instructores de Arte “Manuel Ascunce Domenech”. Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba

Awards, Mentions & Publications

2018 Publication in front Ccover COCO magazine
2017 Publication in “Estatusuio” magazine Ecuador 
2017 Publication in “Estatusuio” magazine Ecuador
2016 Publication in “ Luxury The Art Issue” magazine EEUU
2016 Publication in “ Opulence’’ magazine EEUU
2016 Publication in “Art World news” magazine EEUU
2015 Participación en el documental de arte cubano “Alumbrones”
realizado en Ciudad Habana, Cuba, se hizo el lanzamiento en EE UU
2015 Publicación en la portada del “The Wall Street Journal”, EE UU
2015 Publication in “Opulence Extreme Cuisine’’ magazine EEUU
2010 Colaboración con la revista “Guamo” Centro de investigación
“Samuel Feijoo” de Santa Clara. Villa Clara, Cuba
2010 Colaboración con la revista “Guamo” Centro de investigación
“Samuel Feijoo” de Santa Clara. Villa Clara, Cuba
2009 Gran premio en el 7 salón en la Escuela de Instructores de
Arte “Manuel Ascunce Domenech” Santa Clara. Villa Clara, Cuba
2008 Premio y mención en el 6to Salón en la Escuela de Instructores
de Arte “Manuel Ascunce Domenech” Santa Clara. Villa Clara, Cuba

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Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal

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11HH on Opensea

On a new crypto-challenge. We are proud of pioneering the change.

Dominique Agius

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A lifelong lover of the image, Dominique got her first camera when he was 15 years old. He became interested in photography out of curiosity, then this practice took more and more place until becoming his profession.

Since 2010, Dominique has been running his own studio.
He’s been teaching at the International University of Monaco since 2014 and is also teaching at the School of Fine Arts in Menton and at the prestigious Sciences Po school also in Menton, France. He joined the EDAA team in 2018 and became teacher and corrector.

His work is very often viewed in exhibitions in France and abroad. Dominique is also the French ambassador for Phottix and Samyang.


Vanitas was born of a desire to combine Dominique’s passion for photography and his deep admiration for the classical Masters of painting. It is an homage to Caravaggio and De La Tour, these artists who understood how light works and who set a new era in art. These undisputed masters of chiaroscuro not only knew how to depict light, but they also mastered perspective and composition like never before. This science of perspective and of illumination of its rendering on materials, its dramatic side, its modeling and the volumes it highlights is nothing other than a photographic work ahead of times.

Vanitas shows some of the recurrent themes in Baroque paintings combined with an extremely precise composition to remain as faithful as possible to the work of these Masters. The characters are isolated on dark backgrounds, leaving a feeling of closeness, intimacy. All underlined by a precise illumination and an impeccable composition.

This series was technically very demanding. In order to produce images that are faithful to Baroque paintings, several images had to be put together to recreate chiaroscuro specific lighting. Only lit with flash, some scenes needed up to seven images to recreate candle light. Then there was a precise work on color grading. Using painting technics, it was important to respect the specific look of oil painting and reproduce deep shadows and accurate luminosity.


  • 1st public prize “PhotoMenton 2015”
  • 2nd place at the Mouans Sartoux photo festival in 2016 and 2017
  • 2nd place at the 2017 Draguignan photo festival
  • 3rd public prize at the Photo Menton 2017 festival
  • 1st prize “Contest Pixedo European Awards Best Studio Photographer 2017”


Not a ‘white cube’.

When you step in, you immediately know that’s different.
No one is like another. This is true for artists and for galleries also.


In our galleries, the ultra-traditional marries the ultra-avantgarde. The result is totally unconventional. Certainly not a white cube, but an iconic black’n’red cube, which is our recognizable ‘11 [HH]-lish style’.


See Miami Showroom

See Roma Showroom
*** PLEASE NOTE *** This Showroom is now closed.
Our Representation Office in Roma is currently hosted by:
LUXANTIA – Via del Babuino 72

Carlo d’Orta

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“The journey of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes” (Marcel Proust)

Photographer for over 40 years, Carlo d’Orta evolved from an initial documentary approach to shots of abstract or metaphysical/surrealist inspiration. He focuses on the essential forms and geometric combinations produced by the interwoven architectural structures in our cities (“Biocities” series) or by the reflections on the windows of skyscrapers (“Vibrations” series).

Biocities Valencia # 23, 2015, limited edition of 3, copy 1 of 3, UVprint on plexiglass with dibond bottom, cm 110x150, price euro 3.400

Lines, intersections, combinations are unmodified in post-production or with a computer. These forms are taken for what they are, as a new urban meta-reality that takes on an almost biological meaning. The architectures are investigated not in a descriptive, but in a “biological” way, exposing the vibratory epidermal structure that constitutes the “skin” of our metropolises.
“Biocities” is part of a wider movement that aims to reconnect the urban ecosystem with the natural one, through direct actions aimed at recreating an environment that is both biologically rich and technologically advanced.



Biennal Art Genova PrizeWinner of 2° prize in Photography section – 3° Genova Biennal of Art – organized by Associazione Culturale Satura With Regione Liguria and City of Genova
Malamegi Lab 11 PrizeMalamegi Art LaboratoryFinalist with the artwork “(Biocities) Roma Eur # 28”


Satura International ContestSatura Gallery Association3° prize in the Photography section with the artwork “(Biocities) Roma Eur 60”
Arteam Cup Prize – ArtTeam Cultural Association – Finalist in the Photography section with the artwork “(Biocities) La Terza Roma/Roma Eur 82B”
Combat Prize – Cultural Association Blob ArtSelected with the artwork “(Rinascimento) Roma Eur # 146
Rospigliosi Prize – AVUGI Cultural Association and Vittoria Gallery of Rome – 1° prize in the Photography section with the artwork “Vibrazione Baires # 5”


Fondo Malerba Fotografia – Selected in FMF Archive with the project “EUR 42/Today: Different Visions”
Premio LynxCultural Association Il Sestante – Finalist with the artworks “Roma Eur Nuvola # 4
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris – Honorable Mention awarded to the series Biocities Two and Vibrations
Combat Prize – Associazione Culturale Blob ArtShortlisted with artwork “Vibration Roma Eur # 70 


Premio LynxCultural Association Il Sestante – Shortlisted with the artworks “Liquidance 78
Fondo Malerba Fotografia – Selected in FMF Archive with projects “Vibrations” and “Liquidance”
Premio Ora Espaňa – Radar Cultural Association – Finalist


Premio Enegan Art – Enegan spa – Finalist
Fondo Malerba Fotografia – Selected in FMF Archive with project “(De)Compositions”
Malamegi Lab Art Foundation – Selected in the “Vision Art Contest II Edition


SaatchiArt.comShortlisted in “Celebrate Paris Photo” collection – (Nov)
SaatchiArt.comShortlisted in “Inspired by Mondrian” collection – (Mar)


Le Journal de la Photographie – Weekend Portfolio (June, 8) – Shortlisted by the New York gallerist and art dealer Howard Greenberg


Sony World Photo Award 2012 – Sony World Photo Organisation – Shortlisted  in “Professional-Conceptual” category
Murano Glass Prize 2012 – Abate Zanetti High School (Murano-Venezia) Winner as photo-designer in “Vetrofusione” category
Combat Prize – Blob Art Cultural AssociationFinalist


Celeste Prize 2010 – Celeste Cultural Association – Online vote Winner


Mondatori Art Prize – Finalist

Public and Institutional Collection
Museo Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Roma, 2018 // Palazzo di Giustizia-Ordine degli Avvocati, Milano, 2018 // EUR spa, Roma, 2018 // Confindustria Sede Centrale, Roma, 2018 // Dea Capital Real Estate, Roma, 2018 // Collezione Villoresi, Milano, 2018 // LUISS Guido Carli, Roma, 2018 // Collezione Venerucci, Roma, 2018 // Collezione Negri-Clementi, Milano, 2017 // Autorità Garante delle Comunicazioni (AGCOM), Roma, 2016 // Scuola Ufficiali Carabinieri, Roma, 2016 // Consolato Generale d’Italia a New York, 2016 // Archivio Fondo Malerba Fotografia (Milano), 2017, 2016 e 2015 // Banca d’Italia, Centro Congressi di via Nazionale (Roma), 2014 // Museo di Arte Contemporanea Palazzo Collicola, Collezione 2.0 (Spoleto), 2013 // Camera dei Deputati, Palazzo Montecitorio (Roma), 2013 // Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg, Stoccarda (Germania), 2011 // Istituto Italiano di Cultura a New York (USA), 2011 // Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti, Murano (Venezia), 2012 // Ospedale Policlinico Umberto I, Reparto di Radiologia Oncologica (Roma), 2014 // Comune di Selva di Val Gardena (BZ), 2013 // Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Monaco di Baviera (Germania), 2011 // Provincia di Milano (Milano), 2011 // Provincia di Ancona, 2010 // Comune di Pescara, 2010 // Consiglio Regionale della Campania (Napoli), 2010 // Istituto Portoghese di Sant’Antonio-IPSAR (Roma), 2018 e 2009

Il Corriere della Sera (2018), La Repubblica (2018), Espoarte (2019), Artribune (2018), InsideArt (2017), Art&Law Legal journal on Art, AdToday (2014), Domus (2013), Artitude (2011).

2018 –
Eur 42/Oggi: visioni differenti di Carlo D’Orta Edizioni Inail, Roma – pp. 280
2017 – Eur 42/Oggi: visioni differenti – Edizioni Galleria Honos Art, Roma – pp. 46
2015Arte in Circolo – Edizioni Galleria Mucciaccia, Roma – pp. 47
2013La Biologia dell’Inorganico/Biology of the Inorganic – Romberg Ed. – pp 114
2010Ritmi Architettonici/Architektonische Rhythmen – pp. 141
2010Astrattismi Paralleli/Parallel Abstractionism – pp. 80

Exhibitions (only Solo Shows)


Roma – (February/March) – CarloD’OrtaArtStudio/Gallery – Beyond Balance –  with Francesco Zero – curated by Pino Purificato


Gualdo Tadino (Italy, PG) – (April) – Adelinda Allegretti Studio&Gallery – Biocities and Vibrations – curated by Adelinda Allegretti

Roma – (march) – Carlo D’Orta Art Studio – Biocities and Vibrations – I° edition MFR-Photograpy Month of Rome


Singapore – (December) – Fullerton Hotel – Exclusive Italian World – with Gianluca Castaldi and Riccardo Zannetti

Roma – (November) – Gallery of Portuguese Institut of Sant’Antonio (IPSAR) – 80 years of EUR district. Different Visions – curated by Juan Carlos Garcia Alia

Orbetello (Italy, GR) – (July) – Festival of Photography – EUR42: Different Visions –  curated by Marco Arienti

Roma – (July) – Che Banca, place delle Belle Arti – Biocities and Vibrazioni

Lucca – Lucca Art Fair (18-20 maj) – Stand Carlo D’Orta Art Studio

Roma – (May-June) – Museum of Central State Archive – 80 years of EUR district. Different Visions – promoted by EUR S.p.A. and Inail


Roma – Rome Art Week (9-14/10)Open Studio and exhibition Over and Under Berlin (together with Fabrizio Borelli) – curated by Maria Italia Zacheo

Singapore – (June/July) – Bruno Art Group Gallery – Vibrations – curated by Motti Abramovitz and Sandra Bauser

Roma  –  (June/July) – Carlo D’Orta Art Studio – Parallel Abstractions 2.0 (with D. Susi, G. Castaldi, R. Zannetti art jewelry and watches) – curated by M. I. Zacheo

Livorno – (May/June) – Sala degli Archi della Fortezza Nuova – Parallel Dimensions: cities, visions, paths (with A. Ciresola, D. Cicionesi)

Roma – (April/May) – Honos Art Contemporary – Eur 1942 / Today – curated by Juan Carlos Garcia and Giuseppe Prode

Milano – (march) – Milan Image Art/MIA Fair – Stand Honos Art Contemporary Vibrations

Milano – (march) – Milan Image Art/MIA Fair – Stand Alidem/Arte della Fotografia Geometries Still Life

Singapore – (January) National Museum – Italian Vibrations (with G.Castaldi and V. Zannetti) –  with the patronage of Italian Institut of Culture in Singapore


Roma –   FinecoBank, via Gallia – Biocities and Vibrations

Rovereto (Trento) – PoliArt Contemporary Gallery – Biocities – curated by Leonardo Conti

Roma – Rome Art Week (24-29/10) – “Eur 1942/Today” (curated by G. Prode and J. C. Garcia) and Messages/Tastings (curated by M. I.talia Zacheo, C. Velocci)

Milano – Milan Image Art (MIA) Fair 2016, Stand Romberg Contemporary Art – Biocities II, Translations and Vibrations  solo show – curated by Italo Bergantini

Bologna – Art Fair 2016, Stand Romberg Contemporary Art – Biocities Two and (De)Compositions solo show – curated by Italo Bergantini


Roma –   Studio Lattanzio Group – Liquidance – sponsored by Italian National Academy of Dance

Salerno (Italy) – Temple of  Pomona – Beyond the Lens – curated by Italo Bergantini and Gaia Conti

Venezia – Officina delle Zattere (Dorsoduro) – Beyond the Lens – curated by Italo Bergantini and Gaia Conti

Roma –   Spazio Nuovo Gallery – New Abstract – curated by Guillaume Maitre and Paulo Perez

Milano – Milan Image Art (MIA) Fair 2015, Stand Romberg Contemporary Art – Biocities II Solo Show – curated by Italo Bergantini

Bologna – Art Fair 2015, Pad 25/Stand B88, Romberg Contemporary Art – Biocities  II Solo Show – curated by Italo Bergantini

Roma –  Mucciaccia Gallery – Arte in circolo – curated by Gianluca Marziani and Giulia Abate


Milano – Milan Image Art (MIA) Fair 2014, Stand 96/Romberg Contemporary Art – Biocities Solo Show – curated by Italo Bergantini


Selva Gardena (Italy, BZ) – City Hall Exhibition Centre Tublà da Nives – Visual Absolute – curated by Valerio Dehò and Italo Bergantini

Roma –   Studio Lattanzio Group, in cooperation with Romberg Contemporary Art – Biology of the Inorganic – curated by Italo Bergantini

Milano –  Milan Image Art (MIA) Fair 2013, Stand 39/Romberg Contemporary Art  – “Biocities Solo Show” – curated by Italo Bergantini and Alessandro Trabucco

Spoleto (Italy, PG) – Palazzo Collicola Contemporary Art Museum – Biology of the  Inorganic – Curated by Gianluca Marziani


Roma –   Studio Transit Architettura with RombergContemporary  Art – (Un)real city (together with C. De Micheli) – curated by I. Bergantini, A. Trabucco

Milano –  Milan Image Art (MIA) Fair 2012, Stand 9/Romberg Contemporary Art curated by Italo Bergantini and Valerio Dehò

Stuttgart (Germany) – F75 Gallery – Spiegelungen – curated by Wilfried Dechau


Berlin – Italian Institut of Culture – Architektonische Rhythmen curated by Katharina Hausel

Colonia (Germany) – Italian Institu of Culture – Architektonische Rhythmen curated by Ann-Katrin Gunzel

Milano – Spazio Oberdan (Milan Province Exhibition Centre) – Parallel Abstractionisms  (toghether with Danilo Susi) – curated by Valerio Dehò

Roma –   Tondinelli Gallery – Architectural Rhythms

Frankfurt (Germany) – Goethe Institut – Architektonische Rhythmen curated by Carola Peter

Roma –   Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) – Parallel Abstractionisms (with Danilo Susi) – curated by Loris Schermi and Genny Di Bert

Pescara – Aurum (City Hall Exhibition Centre) – Parallel Abstractionisms (toghether with Danilo Susi) – curated by Giovanni Benedicenti


Stuttgart (Germany) – Architektenkammer Baden  Württemberg – Architektonische  Rhythmen curated by Wilfried Dechau

Munich (Germany) – Italian Institut of Culture – Architektonische Rhythmen

Ancona –   Atelier dell’Arco amoroso (Ancona Province Exhibition Centre) – Parallel Abstractionisms (together with Danilo Susi)

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