Why buy art with us
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Stefania Minutaglio

“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” (Walter Lippmann)

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11HH Art Gallery is specialist in avant-garde contemporary art market and design art, beyond the limit of average.

No one is like another. This is true for artists, and for collectors also. When all collections seem clones of each other, we cherish truly FreeThinkers Collectors.

Stay unconventional.

Since the very beginning in late 2016 we have been pursuing a strong gallery program focusing on avant-garde . Starting as a hub for mid-career and established artists, today we also deal masterpieces of XXth. Century both in the primary and secondary international art market

Why are we so special? Find six good reasons to buy art with us.

Not a ‘white cube’.

11HH is a LLC corporation based in Florida, US.
In our galleries, the ultra-traditional marries the ultra-avantgarde. The result is totally unconventional. Not a white cube, but an iconic black’n’red cube, which is our recognizable ‘11HH style’.

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