Theo Van de Goor

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Theo van de Goor is a Dutch artist inspired by fables, myths, devils and demons. From still life and natural scenery to mythical, biblical and classical scenes and further on to fables and self-portraits, his work forms a universe, telling a story about the struggle of mankind with the devil. He made paintings of himself as an angry missionary, as a Roman soldier, as an American Indian and as a devil. He made etchings of himself as the biblical figures Beelzebub and Apollyon.


Theo van de Goor made many etchings based on the Middle Dutch epic poems of Reynard the Fox. He published three different editions about the tales of this trickster. Last release is an impressive grand format book with over 300 pictures of etchings, paintings and objects. Size 42 x 29 cm, 350 pages. There will be a collector’s edition of 95 copies of the book available. These books are hand-signed by the artist and are accompanied with a hand-colored large-sized etching of the artist.

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