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Since the early stages of her artistic life, Verteramo has been passionate about the design world. As an artist, she always tried to capture the essence of the various artistic expressions. From performances to paintings, from art-design to sculpture, she fluidly experimented all facets of visual art.

In 2016, Verteramo found her fil rouge in high-end luxury design. In her lavish artwork, “Jewel Paintings”, canvas is replaced by metals like silver, gold and bronze, skillfully covered with layers of resin mixed with rare pigments and embossed with precious stones. Verteramo interprets her collectors’ vision with empathy, passion and exquisite craftsmanship and takes bespoke luxury to a new artful level.

‘I view space itself as a place where a piece of art could interact, expand and eventually merge. A place where all people can share a deep emotional empathy with pieces of art.’ (Verteramo)

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