Métamorphose d’un Faune

Act I – “Refectory” by Ezio Tangini (Butoh dance).
Act II – “Cahiers d’un Faune” by Jacopo Sabar Giacchino (avantgarde theater).
Act III – “Eadem mutata resurgo” by Omari Tessala Marax (experimental dance).

“Métamorphose d’un Faune” is a transversal pièce between theater, dance and sound research, composed of three single acts – whose interpreters are also the directors – inspired by Mallarmé’s work. Together they compose a symphonic poem conceptually symbolist, but rough and minimal, in which a reverse metamorphosis is staged from human (Act I), to silvano (the faun, which gives the title to the piece, in Act II), to chrysalis (Act III).

The true protagonist of this metamorphosis is time: dilated, fluctuating, dreamlike.
The temporal suspension in the first act (underlined by the total absence of sound) changes in oracular time – the art of prophecy belongs to Faunus – in the second (in which sound becomes sound poetry), and finally melts in the time of the dream during the third and final act.

A triptych with a strong experimental impact, already presented at the Church of Misericordia in Venice in 2017, which mixes three contemporary languages: avant-garde, sound poetry and butoh.

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