Situazione d’Artista

“Situazione d’artista (Situation of an Artist)” is a performative installation where the audience witnesses the hard reality of who makes art a mission.
The relationship between art and society is conceptually expressed by a microphone and a monitor. The voice through a microphone triggers a larsen effect, growing unbearable every minute. So unbearable is the situation of an Artist being victim of an oppressive burocracy – reams and reams of paper slammed down as weapons -, a closed circuit from which he cannot escape.
It is the public instead, in a provocative reversal of roles, to seek an escape route and to abandon the hall. The public is the only and real protagonist – albeit completely unaware – of an action whereof an oppressive and ever growing sense of discomfort becomes open refusal, and finally field abandonment.


“Situazione d’Artista”
by and with:  Marco Guglielmi ReImmortal.


November 19th 2017
BeDifferent Art Show
Venezia, Chiesa dell’Abbazia della Misericordia.


June 03th 2017
Factory del MACRO (Museo di Arte Contemporanea) di Roma.

Under the Patronage of:
Comune di Roma – Zètema Cultura.


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