Graffi | Scratches

Omari Tessala Marax + Ezio Tangini + Beata Meretrix 
Butoh + Western Fusion Butoh – Danse Libre + Videoart

“Graffi” is a piece composed of three act plays on the theme of the tearing of the veil of reality, in three contemporary styles with strong visual impact.
The tearing of the veil is the alchemical transmutation of the Chrysalis- protagonist of the first act  – and embark her on a journey of metamorphosis, until the emergence –  in the last act – of a new humanity.

An impactful experimental triptych mixeing the language of dance and video art in three contemporary styles: avant-garde, Western Butoh Fusion and Butoh. In the last act -which gives the title to the entire event- a video installation interacts directly with the body of the dancer.


First Act
“Eadem Mutata Resurgo”
with: Omari Tessala Marax
Western Fusion Butoh I Danse Libre

Second Act
with: Ezio Tangini
Butoh (ispired to “La Caduta” di A. Camus)

Third Act
with: Beatameretrix (Omari Tessala Marax + ReImmortal)
performance + videoart

June 03 2017

Factory MACRO (Museo di Arte Contemporanea) di Roma


Under the Patronage of:

Comune di Roma – Zètema Cultura

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